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Beit Gan-Eden Messianic Community

Vision Statement

We are a Torah based Messianic Community setting in place YHVH's master plan of redemption for every household; releasing them from sin, sickness and sorrow; recovering freedom, hope and purpose for all.

Statement of Purpose

To provide a place of worship for Messianic Believers, which will enable them to feel completely accepted and free to worship on Shabbat and other relevant feast days, according to the Torah of Moshe (Moses), as exemplified by Yeshua HaMashiach.

Statement of Mission

To provide love, prayer and encouragement to both Jew and Gentile in our sphere of influence through fellowship, service, Torah instruction and discipleship.

Statement of Intent

The intent of the Beit Gan-Eden Messianic Community is:

  • To touch the lives of people in our sphere of influence in a way that they will desire to acknowledge and believe that Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah, who came to earth to fulfil the Torah according to the Biblical Prophets.

  • To be a witness to Jewish people in our sphere of influence through friendship and invitations to Shabbat dinners and YHVH's appointed festivals.

  • To facilitate a Chavurah (friendship) network in different suburbs to disciple new Messianic Believers in Yeshua HaMashiach; to enable an understanding of the Hebraic roots of their faith through obedience to the Torah of Moshe (Moses) as demonstrated by Yeshua HaMaschiach.

  • To be a bridge of friendship between Jew and Gentile Believers.

    Doctrinal Basis

    Statement of Faith

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